4 Tips to Make The Money Talks As Easy As Getting Fast Food For Dinner!



12 thoughts on “4 Tips to Make The Money Talks As Easy As Getting Fast Food For Dinner!

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  4. Ah, the money talks. Ours are usually fairly casual updates on our monthly spending and whether we remained in budget or not. However, lately I have been balancing more stress than usual and actually had a mini-meltdown last night, mostly due to the finances.

    We knew November was going to be hard. Unexpected expenses recently, the landlord depositing the rent check earlier and earlier each month, my paychecks not always aligning neatly with when the bills are due, an upcoming maternity leave that will be half unpaid… it can be a challenge keeping everything straight. But what really causes my anxiety to rise when we spend above our monthly budget and then savings are used without replenishing.

    But c’est la vie! The Lord still blesses.


    • I think you and I are very similar! My meltdowns always come from other stress and little to do with what is happening.
      I hate it when the bills and paychecks don’t like up, that’s the most stress for me. Or when we are spending and not paying attention then get stressed at the end of the month when it doesn’t work out…
      I think getting our conversations more casual and not stressed during conversations is the biggest hold back for us right now, we are working on it this week and during December 🙂


      • Absolutely! We are working on getting back “in budget” during December… which may be a challenge during the holiday season but we are determined to try.

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  5. Thank you! It is important, isn’t it? But I feel it is the first to go when we get stressed, hopefully thinking of it like this will decrease our stress haha…
    I think he is more consistent than I am, I always decide to buy gifts or food and go off budget 😮


  6. Great advice treating each other with love and respect is so important! I used to be the savor in our marriage and now my husband is even more of one than I am! Which sometimes is a little stressful. What have I done to him ! Lol

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