40 Ways to Make Extra Income For the Holidays, part 1 




18 thoughts on “40 Ways to Make Extra Income For the Holidays, part 1 

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    • Oh agreed! Driving IS draining on me, but my husband loves it. However, My mom and I have both done pet sitting for years. Usually, the pets are the calm, quiet ones who are really sweet 🙂 good luck with it, it is really fun!


    • Lyft is rideshare like Uber. Think Taxi … with your personal car. Usually a ride is $5-10, so much cheaper than a taxi. The drivers use their own car, turn the app on and the app connects the closest rider and driver. Lyft requires (or did when I did it a few years ago) to have cars 5 years old or newer, a clean driving record and cars have to pass inspection. We live in a big city, so we have lots of people needing a ride to commute to work or go to the airport or to go out on the town.


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