15 Reasons You Should Join The #SideHustle Game



15 thoughts on “15 Reasons You Should Join The #SideHustle Game

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  3. Great inspiration! A couple of years ago, I had finally trusted and became a full-time mom…three months later, my husband was laid off, and we lost our only income. Never again will that happen…I have always loved writing my own paycheck, and the lure of never being caught blindsided again is calming. Do side hustles that you love, and it’s not work. For example, I use the degree I earned to do HR consulting when I’m approached, and I double paintings and other crafts I’m already making for someone or my own home, and sell the duplicate while the idea is fresh. I blog about being a mom, a sort of therapy, and make a small income by sharing things that are already important to me. Just make it important, and then it’s not “more work”…after being a mother all day in serving everyone else, having my nose to the grindstone just isn’t living. I’m not out to make huge dollar amounts, but it’s nice to know that we can always have gas and groceries, if disaster comes again. Thanks for the great post!

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  5. You’re right. My main excuse was I don’t have time. Then I started paying attention to all the ridiculous amount of time I spent doing 360 degrees worth of nothing…

    I will be checking out your recommendations. Thank you!

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