“But I had NO choices!” #sidehustlin’ when it feels forced on you…



38 thoughts on ““But I had NO choices!” #sidehustlin’ when it feels forced on you…

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  3. I know what that feels like from a different angle. It wasn’t health problems but divorce which put me in a bind. And so I have always wanted to make extra income but found it difficult with the type of work I do and when my off hours were. So I get feeling forced to make money a different way.

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  4. When I started my home based work, I didn’t really care about my health, at all. There were times that I do not even sleep. Great tips here, it is important to make a plan and see it on a larger scale before starting anything.


  5. This is an inspiring story. It takes of lot of inner strength to over life’s obstacles and I’m happy that you had a support partner. My hubby is my rocks and with support for family or friends, it easy to give up. You keep pushing and added a side hustle, good for you.


  6. Thank you for sharing with us about your problems, struggles and most importantly your solutions to these obstacles. I’m sure this will help many who are still feeling helpless in their circumstances.


    • Oh I hear you. I do the same thing, I think for me it’s the fear of starting (not knowing all the ins and outs of something) and the fear of failure that stops me so often. I know it’s a mindset thing so I keep trying to push through it.
      Did you see my side hustle series? Maybe one of those will work for you šŸ™‚


  7. Damn it sounds so hard and it also kinda worries me because I was once suspected of having diabetes and I never got it looked at. I kinda just kept on living and changed my diet. At least you seem to have a great partner helping you through these times!

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    • It never hurts to get it checked out! Then at least you know instead of worrying about it šŸ™‚ and great job making changes, those lifestyle changes are soo hard, So good job!
      Yes, Type 1 is hard to deal with, and mine doesn’t follow the rules, so that makes it worse. But I am so grateful for my husband for loving me through it and being both my rock and my encouragement. I don’t know what I would do without him!


  8. All of these such great tips for everyone, not just the ill. Having a plan is essential, and then mapping out how to handle stable and side income! Iā€™m going to share that Living a Healthy Life With Chronic Conditions book with my mom. She suffers from Sciatica and Sarcoidosis.

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