Avoid The Biggest Money Pitfalls With These 3 Financial Principles…





30 thoughts on “Avoid The Biggest Money Pitfalls With These 3 Financial Principles…

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    • I always pick staples, food we will always eat. It eliminates decisions while I shop and wasted food.
      For instance – we will always eat pasta, beans/rice and bread, so I put those in the cart and try to build meals around those items instead of having a story full of options πŸ™‚


  5. I think the best advice is to be realistic with your expenses. I learned this the hard way. But now, I’m managing my expenses way better than last year.

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  6. Solid advice, and I love the examples and scenarios you give to break it down. Significantly more engaging than a lot of financial advice articles I’ve seen. As travelers, we’re always looking for ways to save money. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Dave Ramsey is very wise! We struggled implementing some of it due to 2 incomes that vary instead of 2 9-to-5 steady paychecks. However, NOW we know to implement the principles and rules and work the technique out for us (aka – we got paid daily, so we had hold it in the account until a normal Friday payday), he is the one who got me started in finances!


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